Regardless of the scope of a chapter house renovation, remodeling, or re-building project, fundraising is always a key component in F&H’s Property Development portfolio.

When a chapter’s house corporation and F&H are discussing the potential for F&H to acquire a property, both the chapter’s alumni and F&H has to agree on the financing mix.  Additionally, the financial feasibility of any F&H property acquisition requires an appropriate balance between financing and fund raising.

A fundraising feasibility study, performed by a professional fundraising firm, assesses the alumni fundraising potential.  This study is key to understanding the chapter alumni’s ability for giving, and is the basis for the alumni’s financial commitment to the acquisition project.  Using this study, the financial limits of the project can be set with a high probability of success, the campaign goals and the expectations of the alumni can be set, and the guidelines for the entire campaign which is critical to the overall project, can be committed to.  Usually, the size and scope of the project is negotiated during this phase.

F&H has partnered with Pennington and Company on many of the projects and continue to find them to be highly capable and professional in meeting our mutual goals.  For more information about Pennington and Company, go to

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