Property Managment

Property Management incorporates all of the elements of managing a rental property as well as those needed to operate a SAE fraternity house.

F&H provides a Property Management service to all SAE house corporations through the F&H subsidiary Greek Housing Management LLC (GHM).  The services of GHM are deployed at all of the houses that F&H owns as well as several that house corporations own.  Key to the implementation of GHM is the use of business systems automation.

Starting with a master lease with the chapter, property management includes sublease management with each member, billing and collection of all fees; vendor payments, employee time and payroll services, meal plan and culinary management, maintenance and repair services and capital reserves services.

F&H Property Management assets available:

  • Property Management
    • Property management items that House Corporations may use.
      • Master Lease – Generally, a house corporation provides the house to the chapter under a set of contract terms. This document includes most of the relevant terms.  Note that while it is F&H [Chapter Name] LLC lease with a specific chapter, the terms are examples that a house corporation may want to emulate.
      • Fees and Services – This includes sample letters to parents and members describing fees, terms, and services.
      • Member’s Renters Insurance – While both the SAE insurance and the property insurance covers some of the member’s needs, each needs renters insurance or have adequate parent’s homeowners insurance.
    • F&H Property Management offering through Greek Housing Management, LLC. (GHM).
      • F&H GHM Offering – Offering description and scope including offering features and costs.
      • F&H GHM Management Agreement– Describing the terms of the management contract for GHM, this may be useful for those contemplating or assessing the GHM offering or for those house corporations that may want to model some of the terms for their use.
      • F&H GHM Information Collection Form – Used to gather basic information from F&H GHM users, this collection of information is key to starting the GHM service for a chapter.
    • House Director –Best Practices
    • Culinary and Kitchen – Best Practices
      • Culinary Operations and Kitchen Manual – Manuscript with general description of Culinary and Kitchen considerations. Like several items on this site, this manual needs additional content to meet today’s standards.   Let us know if you have thoughts about or interest in updating it.
      • Specific culinary and kitchen operations and best practices items that House Corporations may use

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