Housing Services

Housing Services began as support for resolving Health and Safety issues and has evolved to now include products and services that allow all house corporations to benefit from the buying leverage F&H has established through its own properties.

F&H Housing Services assets available:

  • Housing Services Descriptions – Manuscript with general description of all F&H Housing Services.
  • Specific offerings with information on the steps and procedures for use.
    • Sprinkler Design and Installation– Everyone is concerned about the safety of the SAE men who reside on SAE fraternity houses. Fire sprinklers can mitigate much of the risks and provide the basis for house corporations to comply with local fire code.  The processes and procedures for assessing and acquiring qualified fire sprinkler system is provided.
      • Fire Sprinkler Retrofit Guide – Prepared by the National Fire Sprinkler Association, Inc.
    • HVAC Design and Install– F&H uses housing mechanical engineers to design up-to-date HVAC systems. Capitalizing on the ductless technology, F&H has the capability to significantly reduce the complexity and costs of retrofitting an older house as well as providing flexible low costs systems to newer houses.  Additionally, thankless hot water systems are described..
    • Paint and Paint Supplies – F&H has negotiated with Sherwin Williams for discounted pricing for primer paint, Durations paints and supplies. Procedures for getting substantial saving at your local Sherwin Williams supplier are described here.
    • Doors and Hardware – F&H has negotiated for discounted pricing for metal doors and hardware with a national supplier. This supplier’s products are available through and delivered to your local Home Depot store.
    • Web Design and Support  – F&H has built a model standardized website and provides hosting that meets most of the needs of the chapters and ensures that information is up to date and relevant. Also, internal controls are built in so that content that would be inappropriate for public display is not accidentally put out on the website.
    • Supplies – F&H has negotiated discounts free shipping through a partnership with a national supplier, on orders of commonly used chapter house supplies.

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