Housing Loans

Years ago, making housing loans was the primary role of the organization prior to it being re-named SAE Financial and Housing Corp.  Generally, loans are made today to house corporations when market loans are unavailable locally.  Many times the lack of commercial loan availability is due to the ownership structure of the property which is sometimes shared by the university and the house corporation.

F&H loans are typically short term, and provide a discounted interest rate for loans for which the proceeds will mitigate a Health and Safety issue.

F&H Housing Loans assets available:

  • F&H Loan Packet – Link to general description of F&H Financial Services
  • Mortgage and Loan Offerings – For those contemplating a F&H loan, this document includes information collection form and contact information. Note that F&H uses a nationally available contractor for researching and accessing loans for F&H.  This service may be able to assist your house corporation.

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