Housing Development

Housing Development is the term F&H uses to describe its processes and capabilities for both acquiring a property and improving the property.  F&H also has insights on several aspects of organizing a house corporation.

Acquisitions – One of F&H’s primary goals is to prevent a viable chapter house from being lost by being sold or “taken” due to the financial reversals of a house corporation.  The property assessment that F&H staff uses is comprehensive and thorough and the results provide key indicators about what the best options are both financial and physical.

Improvements – Whether or not the improvements are cosmetic, involve a remodeling, or a complete tear-down and rebuild, F&H engages a team of professionals to perform the planning and execution of these sometimes complex projects.

F&H Housing Development assets available:

  • Organizing and Managing your House Corporation
    • SAE House Corporation Manual – General guidelines for organizing and running a house corporation. Note that this manual was created in the year 2000, and, even with the few edits made in this version, it is still not as current as it should be.  F&H will identify several house corporation members to assist with an update.
    • House Corporation Articles of Incorporation – This sample has the basics needed to establish the legal authority for your House Corporation
    • House Corporation Bylaws – This sample Bylaw has most of the sections needed to effectively manage and operate your House Corporation
    • House Corporation: Property Housing Cost Model – This sample housing cost model is one of the many financial tools that a house corporation needs to be effective.
  • Property Acquisition: Evaluating ownership options
    • Methodology & Assessment – This criteria that may be useful for those needing to evaluate and assess potential housing property.
    • Property Acquisition – This document contains an overview of F&H’s acquisition process.
    • So, You Want to Acquire a House? – Most young, recently chartered chapters don’t yet have an alumni base to help fund the acquisition of a house.  One chapter at Nicholls State University in Thibodaux, Louisiana, decided to build a fund.  While they have not yet bought a house, they described what was required of the chapter to self-fund without alumni.
  • House Improvements and Renovations – General design objectives and State-of-the-art House Design and Plans
    • General Design Objectives and Best Design Practices – Undergraduate housing on many campuses has become very competitive with state-of-the-art architecture and design considerations. F&H has built very competitive houses, and is making some of the design standards available.
    • Pictures of Projects – Before and after pictures of recent State-of-the-Art F&H housing projects at IN Sigma and OH Gamma.
    • Architect Drawing House Design – Implementing the F&H “Best Practices,” described in the above item “General Design Objectives and Best Design Practices” the basic house plans for IN Sigma are available for your use under an “as-is” agreement. It is expected that this base plan would be modified to your specific needs by your architect.  Additionally, if you want F&H to assist, you should discuss the scope of your plan with us.

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